Contemporary screenshots:

Here are some screenshots taken using the CVS code in early May 2003:

Editing DocBook documents:

Here is a screenshot of Conglomerate in use as a DocBook editor. It is displaying the DocBook source of the GConf programmer's manual. Unfortunately Conglomerate does not yet have full SGML support, so the file had to be slightly hacked to get it to work.

Screenshot of Conglomerate editing DocBook

Here's another shot of Conglomerate in use as a DocBook editor. It is displaying the DocBook source of the O'Reilly book "DocBook - The Definitive Guide". Notice how the "Overview" panel in the left-hand side has converted raw tags into more readable names; for example, the <refentry> tags are being displayed as "Reference Page", and <bibliomisc> has become "Bibliographic Information". In a future version of Conglomerate we hope to support language-localisation of this information, and perhaps icons. In addition. the program has used XPaths to extract meaningful titles where appropriate. Similar tricks are going on in the large right-hand editor panel, for example a <sect3> has become "Subsection (level 3)" with the title extracted from the XML tree.

Screenshot of Conglomerate editing DocBook

Other XML formats

Conglomerate can do more than just edit DocBook. Here is a screenshot of it displaying a custom document type for the Connexions Project

Screenshot of Conglomerate displaying a Connexions document

Error-handling dialogs

We have built a set of convenient dialogs for generating user-friendly reports for when file operations fail. They are accessed through an easy API and should be compatible with the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. We hope to eventually get them moved into the core of GNOME. Here are some examples:

File->Open failed, due to a case-sensitivity problem

Screenshot of &Open& failed dialog

File->Save failed when writing a large file to an almost-full floppy disk

Screenshot of &Save& failed dialog

"Close without saving" confirmation dialog

Screenshot of &Close without Saving& dialog


Here is a mockup of the new user interface that was done by Joakim Ziegler

Mockup of proposed GUI

Older screenshots can be found here