Here's a rough idea of our plan. This is a statement of intent by a group of volunteers, so don't rely on the dates/functionality expressed here!


Releases in the 0.7 series are unstable and slow, and only suitable for the most adventurous of end-users. They are snapshots in the development of the product towards 0.8.0


This will be the first stable release. We hope to be here by August 2004. It ought to:

In short, it will be stable and support all XML, but won't necessarily be suitable for the end-user yet.


This will be the start of an unstable development series (0.9.0, 0.9.1, etc) where we work towards the 1.0.0 goal. We will start this as soon as 0.8.0 is done.


This will be the first stable release aimed at end-users. We hope to be here "early in 2005". It ought to:

In short, it will be a comfortable application that can be recommended to end-users for editing XML documents.

Beyond 1.0.0

Some features can be deferred to after this release; we'll add them if we can without destablising things, but they're not yet a priority:

Helping Out

If you want to help, see this page.

Older Releases

Test Cases

Some useful test cases