We are working towards our first stable release. It is already usable for simple editing as it is, and the maintainer uses it regularly for writing his DocBook articles. However there are some known bugs.


Free Operating Systems

Conglomerate is known to run on a variety of Free operating systems, including Linux and FreeBSD.

You'll need to have Gnome 2 and its development libraries installed to build on top of. It ought to run fine within the KDE environment as well; if you encounter interoperability problems, please file a bug report.

Microsoft Windows

The initial prototype of Conglomerate was usable on Windows but the latest version no longer works. We're very keen to hear from anyone familiar with building GTK applications on Windows who wants to try to fix things; please contact the conglomerate-devel mailing list.

Mac OS X

Conglomerate has been ported to Mac OS X. The latest version is available via Fink, for use with the 10.3 unstable branch.

Getting Conglomerate


Go over to the tarball page on SourceForge and grab the latest releases.


Pre-packaged versions of Conglomerate are available for various systems thanks to our intrepid volunteers:


If you want to play with the most up-to-the-minute version of Conglomerate, you'll need to grab it from our CVS server.

If you're truly interested in looking at and working with the code, though, we recommend you join the mailing lists, especially conglomerate-devel.