how to get cvs write access

How to get Conglomerate CVS write access, in a few easy steps.

First, you might not need write access. If you're just fixing a small bug, or contributing in some other minor way, you don't need it. Just create a patch against the most current CVS version of conglomerate, and then send the patch to People there will review it, give you feed back if necessary, and apply it to CVS.

So CVS write access is only required if you contribute a lot, and in this case, you've probably already submitted several patches as described above, and had them approved. If this is the case, and you want to request CVS write access, please do the following.

Pick a password, say code=5peech.

Pick two random characters, they will be used for seeding, for instance 2R.

Now, to generate the crypted password:

perl -e 'print crypt("code=5peech", "2R"), "\n";'
Which will output the crypted password, in this case:

Pick an account name, say hekker.

Next, mail Hans Petter Jansson and co-workers <>, with something like the following:


        I'm requesting CVS write access to conglomerate, after
        submitting several approved patches, such as the patch to
        support more than four <leg> elements inside a
        <goat> element for AML (animal markup language), thus
        allowing a well-formed and valid description of GEGLs.
	I'd like the login "hekker", my crypted password is:

        Thanks in advance, on behalf of genetically engineered animals

	Sincerely,  G.P.M. Hekker

It is customary to post descriptions of larger changes you commit to the conglomerate-devel list. This goes double for new contributors.