We just love communication.

Mailing lists

The best way to get in touch with "The Conglomerate Team" is via mailing lists.

If you want to talk about the project, and your comments or questions could be at all interesting to other people, and for archiving, please join the mailinglists, and frolic with other people just like you! In order to ensure that you find a perfect mate for the rest of your life, we've split up the discussion into two areas, targeted at different social groups. There's nothing keeping you from joining both, though, for twice the chance of finding a soulmate. Here's how:

The conglomerate mailing list

This is the main list for users of Conglomerate, where you go if you're not all that development-minded. It's the place to go for finding out more about what's going on, for asking questions, and so on.

The conglomerate-devel mailing list

This is the development list, where you go if you're one of those caffeine-guzzling codeheads we hear so much about. This is where we discuss the details of new features and bug fixes. You don't have to be a coder to take part - there are plenty of other things to have a go at. Come and join us! We also use this list to coordinate the maintenance of this website.

More mailing lists

An announce mailing list.

Where project related news is announced.

The conglomerate-auto mailing list.

This is a list that automatically receives emails when bugs are added or changed in Bugzilla, and when changes are committed to the CVS version of our website's source code. You should subscribe to it if you want to help out with the project.

The GNOME cvs-commits-list mailing list.

We maintain the source code for Conglomerate in GNOME's CVS server, along with numerous other projects. This mailing list is notified whenever any changes occur to CVS. If you want to help out with the project you may want to subscribe, but be warned: since it covers all of the projects on that CVS server, it is a very high traffic list.


For more interactive contact there is Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

We use GIMP net with servers like or and yes it is #conglomerate

The Maintainers

Conglomerate was originally conceived by Hans Petter Jansson (, and Joakim Ziegler (, and they still hang around on the mailing lists to pester the people who do real work.

These days most coding is done by David Malcolm (, with help from a growing team of charming rogues who we like to call "The Conglomerate Team".

If you want to get in touch about the project itself, and still prefer the privacy of mail, another option is If you have gripes about the website, it would be a pleasure for to receive them.