Conglomerate: XML For Everyone

Conglomerate aims to be an XML editor that everyone can use.

In particular, our primary goal is to create the ultimate editor for DocBook and similar formats.

It aims to hide the jargon and complexity of XML and present the information in your documents in a way that makes sense.

You ought to be able to create documents that are organised in a way that makes sense for you, rather than what your word processor wants. For instance, if you are writing a recipe book you'll want to think about "Ingredients" and "Preparation Instructions" rather than "Sections" and "Lists". You can then use your document to generate high-quality output in a variety of formats (such as HTML pages, PDF files, traditional word-processor files etc). You may also be able to do things that are almost impossible in a traditional word-processor, such as "Give me a list of all recipes that serve 8 people that are safe for those with an allergy to nuts".

Read the introduction to the conglomerate system and join the mailing lists if you want to know more.

We are working towards our first stable release. You can download the current version and used it for simple editing as it is, although there are some known bugs.